Real World Pokemon Go

UPDATE 08/14/2016: Old Towne Manassas has about 30 3D Pokemon hidden.  Some of which include some Glow in the Dark JigglyPuff and Clefairy!!

Update 08/12/2016: New batch ready to be hidden:




Like most people I have been playing Pokemon Go.  It’s been a blast and Sarah, Andrew, and I have all had some great adventures in our quest to “Catch Em’ All”.  We certainly met some great people and possibly some new friends in areas that we didn’t normally visit.  Ventured out and increased our step count by leaps and bounds.

But I was missing out on something.

Catching pokemon on the phone is great, but one of the cool things about being out in these cool areas is seeing the sights, which you can’t do while staring at your phone waiting for the next Squirtle to pop up. After you catch him he is now confined to living inside your virtual Pokeball inside your phone.  When your phone turns off, he becomes Schrodinger’s Squirtle!!

But what if you could catch that Pokemon and have something to show for it afterwards?


As an avid fan of 3D printing, I frequent Reddit’s sub for the hobby.  About a month ago one of the guys posted that he was hiding these small, easy to print, pokemon at different locations in his home town.  He said the kids loved it and he liked seeing people find real world creatures.  Many other folks also mentioned wanting to do the same.  Since I didn’t see anyone covering the VA/Manassas area (my home town) I decided to take up the charge and fired up the print machine!


I have been printing these for about 2 weeks now and hidden close to 100 models around Manassas VA.  Mostly around Old Towne and occasionally at some of the parks.  (Hint, a great place to look is at the Ben Lomand Historic Site)

Since posting about it on Facebook, it’s been shared in a number of places, so I thought I would create a post here, on my site, so that I can continue to provide updates on when I stash some and where you can potentially find some.

13901426_1396618027021875_2667735551606066642_n 13924971_1396576330359378_7883900776751750944_n

Updates will be provided on the top of the page so they will be easier to find.

Some of the other runs of prints:


I made some things!

I know I don’t post here often enough, and every time I think about it, I just kind of brush it away, but hey, I am doing it now!  Mostly because A lot of the stuff I would post regularly, I do over on the Comic page.  It’s no good excuse, but aside from the comic and work, most of what I have been doing has been pretty mundane.

Till now.

If you follow along on the comic, you know that I picked up a 3D Printer and have been having quite a bit of fun with it.  It’s been a blast.  We have made all sorts of useful things for the house and some costume pieces as well.  The most exciting thing to come from it has been a dive into 3D design using 123D Design (it’s a simple CAD program) that I have used to design some game boxes for card based games like Fluxx and the Looney Pyramid games.  Not to slight the boxes they come in, but the StarFluxx box used to travel with us in Sarah’s purse for play while we were out and it got pretty beat up.  So I designed a cool box that holds the cards and travels well.  Likewise, the Pyramid bags are cool, but they get cumbersome.


Also, on kind of a dare/challenge from my Son, who is really into period re-enactment, I made a wooden looking version of one of the Pyramid games, that can be taken to events and not look like a 20th century plastic game.



The printer I picked up is a Makerbot Replicator 2, it was on sale from Amazon for a fraction of the normal cost.  It’s build area is roughly 11x6x6 (inches).  Since it’s not one of the new fancy versions of their printer, turns out it’s incredibly easy to work on.  If you have ever been around any sort of 3D printer, you would learn quick that all sorts of things can happen to them from jamming to parts failing.  So having something that is easy to fix and repair is vital.  


This is what happens when your extruder is leaking and it’s not caught in time.

Downside to buying an older version is that you don’t get all the bells and whistles, so I have had to improvise.  One of the great things on newer versions is a build in camera to show the print as it’s happening.  This way, if something goes wrong, you can address it quickly.  Also, it’s great fun to watch something getting built.  You may think it’s boring, but it really is fascinating.  To make up for this shortcoming, I have setup two cameras that stream to the website and show the current build as it happens.  

Sometimes I am building plain stuff, other times it’s cool stuff. So if you are interested, just click this link, or check out the tab on the top of the page for 3D printing.

In the meantime, get out there and make stuff!


Upcoming Stuff

Hey guys.  I noticed I hadn’t had a post here in, well a very long time.  So I thought I would do a quick update with some of what’s going on here in the next few months.

imagesFirst, the big one coming up is the JoCo cruise!  Well, the 2016 one.  I will be working as a photographer for the cruise and will be out for a week.  I will be working to make sure there are comics for while I am gone, so no worries there.  If you haven’t been on a JoCo cruise, I highly advise it!  The great news is, you can!  JoCo has announced the 2017 cruise is booking now and you can be a part of the fun!


Second thing is that I am no longer a part of the Nerd Church Podcast.  It would appear that all of the members have gone their separate ways and the NCP is now disbanded.  That is not to say that you have heard the last of my voice.  There are some plans in the works to continue, but we will see when/what that will be.

Third! I am doing a lot more on Twitch lately.  Not just gaming, but if you noticed the comic from 2/4/2016, I did a cast of me doing the processing and assembly of the comic.  I plan to continue doing more broadcasts of comic stuff and gaming and general geekery.  So Stay tuned!

SeaMonkeys are the best monkeys

This year we revisited all of our coolest friends (ok, some of our coolest friends) on the JoCo Cruise 5!!!  As you can tell from my previous post, I did the Humble Indie Photographer Bundle again this year and it was a resounding success!  There is a MASTER ALBUM that will have ALL THE STUFF, or a Collection page if you want to see the sub albums.

  1. Group Photos for the Celebs (Done) and (Done)
  2. Steve Jackson requested photos from the Steve Jackson Game-room Sponsored by Steve Jackson
  3. WEDDING PHOTOS!! for Will and Renee
  4. Day 1 People and Stuff
  5. Day 2 People and Stuff
  6. Day 3 People and Stuff
  7. Day 4 People and Stuff
  8. Day 5 People and Stuff
  9. Day 6 People and Stuff
  10. Day 7 People and Stuff
  11. Day 8 People and Stuff
  12. Open Mic night
  13. Live Band Karaoke
  14. Jim Bogga and The Both
  15. Celebrity Artemis
  16. Aricebo
  17. Juliana Finch
  18. Group Photo Wide angle
  19. Molly Lewis
  20. The Royals Artemis
  21. Intern Concert
  22. Glen Raphael
  23. Day 1 Concert
  24. Day 2 Concert
  25. Day 3 Concert
  26. Final Concert

Want to give me money? Here’s How!
If you like the photos, and you want to provide me with any sort of compensation, please do!

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I can accept payments through Square or Google wallet very easily.  Both of these options provide you the ability to send money via E-mail address (  Please feel free to send along whatever amount you feel comfortable with (even if it’s 0.00) Now with added Square Market!!

All of my photos are Creative Commons license:
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The Return of the Humble Indie Photographer Bundle Part 2: The Nikoning

Hey all!  Sarah and I will be on the next cruise and that means that there will be a smattering of pictures again!
I am planning on doing the HIPB thing again!  What’s that mean?  Well, if you weren’t around for it last year, here is the deal.

I am a Pro-mature? Amafessional? Hobifessional? mah, whatever I am a Photographer who likes to take pictures of monkeys, namely seamonkeys!  So the plan is, if you want a picture taken of you doing something on the cruise, or hangout out with friends, or playing games, or lounging on the beach, or at a concert, or with a guest, or standing awkwardly in the corner…. Contact me and I will do it!  Not everyone has a camera on them at all times (except me) or likes the weird pictures they end up with at the end of a vacation, so that’s where I come in.  I will take a professional photo of you doing whatever you want!

I am super easy to find on the ship and will always be available via Twit-arrr under my [SocialNetwork] name Wizzer2801.  I also have an affinity for Batman shirts and will be doing that again this coming cruise.  *That being, wearing a Batman shirt every day.  So if you see a guy with a camera strapped to his hand and he is wearing a Batman shirt, I would say it’s about a 99.999% chance that it’s me.  GRAB me and tell me to take a picture of someone or something and I will do it!

But Steve, what will you do with all of those photos you take of random people?

Good Question!  I will give them to YOU!  All of my photos will be uploaded to the interwebs within a week or so after the cruise for you to oogle, gawk, and reminisce on.  All of them will be professionally processed to bring out the best of all of the monkeyness.  I will also be shooting the concerts and Shadow events so there will be lots of memories preserved.

Ok Steve, what’s the catch, what do you get out of this?

Another good question!  Man, you guys are on fire! (You guys, being the voices in my head)  All of my photos get uploaded under a CC license so they are freely available to anyone that wants them.  WHat I do ask is that if you like what you see, you can donate to the “Steve spent a lot of money on Camera gear and Cruise Tickets and now he doesn’t have that money anymore” fund.  Or the SSALOMOCGACTANHDHTMA Fund.  If you feel weird about handing some guy with a camera money, you could hand that money to my Wife, she also likes money.  If you still feel weird about that, then feel free to buy me a drink on the cruise, or before the cruise, or after the cruise…..  I really like drinks.

This plan has worked out really great in the past and you can check out some of my work over on my Flickr Page here:



I am sure some of the other monkeys can tell you about how I captured that special moment for them (that usually was photobombed by Anne Wheaton)

Hope to see everyone on the Nerd Boat!

TL;DR version:
I Take pictures and like money and booze.

Sarah Donner and the DoubleClicks

Ventured out of hibernation to attend the Sarah Donner and DoubleClicks concert.  Had a great time and enjoyed actually setting down the camera for a bit.  I have a lot of pictures of The DoubleClicks from various other concerts, but this was the first time seeing Sarah Donner.

Enjoy the shots!

Adventures at Baltimore Comic-Con!

This last weekend I went off to visit Baltimore and see what their Comic-Con had in store.  I wasn’t dressed up as anything as I was mostly there to promote the comic and take lots of pictures.  Both of these things were done!

You can see the photos here:



This coming weekend I will be at Shore-leave, a fan run convention up in Hunt Valley Maryland!  If you are in the area, come by and say HI!  I’ll have a number of pieces from the Nerd Prints up in the art gallery, and I will be all over the floor (not literally, I know where that floor has been.)

Also, keep an eye out for our Lost Trooper! It’s been 10 years since I joined the 501st with this scout trooper armor, so it’s making a special appearance at Shore-Leave.

Click the links to find out more information about the con!

Project Nerd Prints

I have attended a lot of conventions.  One of the things I love to check out is the Artist Alley.  This is where the various comic/fantasy/painter artists hang out and have tables and do sketches.  You can walk by and visit with them, browse their artwork and even have them do a sketch for you.

From an photography artist, this made me a little jealous.  I love the idea of sitting in a booth or table and doing on the spot artwork for people, or having elaborate mat-boards for people to browse through.  But as we all have learned, I am still in the early stages of drawing, and I don’t really have some printed artwork that I can display…….

or do I?

Castle in a Panic (P365-173)I went through some of my older photos and noticed a theme.  I have a lot of nerdy prints that I have taken over the years.  Some of these would look cool hung up in a study or in your geeky nerd cave.  So I have decided to compile them all into one place, and then offer them up “Project Nerd Prints”.

If I am at a convention I will try and have some of these printed out and available, as well as having the ability to do on the spot portraits.  This is coupled with my working on sketching.

If you think of something that would be a good Nerd Print, please pass the suggestion on and I will see what I can do.  Please feel free to browse the full gallery over at Flickr and some of the selected works below.

And I am old.

Well, it happened.  I never thought I would get this far but I have suddenly become that 40 year old guy that dresses like a bat.

IMG_20140517_191949This last week was my birthday.  I have decided to take a friends advice and just celebrate the whole week instead of just the day, since the day was a Wednesday and it was pretty boring.  The week on the other hand was pretty fun!  We had a party at Bungalow Billiards (one of my old haunts)  (ugh, saying haunt when I am old now seems a tad grim).  One of our super awesome friends made the cake pictured and it was AMAZING!  A lot of my my close friends came to hang out and we had a very cool time.  As always some folks couldn’t make it for one reason or another and it’s always sad to miss them but they should know that they were there in spirit.

I guess when I get old I get more sentimental

Anyways.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you have probably seen that I am working on some new photography stuff.  Project “Take whatever I want whenever I want” has slowly migrated into Project Nerd Prints.  But I think I will do another post on that.  (so I can cross post it to the Comic Page)

So thanks for all the birthday wishes!  You guys are all awesome!

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