Getting Down with Bluegrass

This weekend we managed to pry ourselves out of the house and get out to accomplish things!  First was taking a long walk to make sure we got some extra steps on our FitBit’s.  2.6 miles of walking out for lunch, and errands netted us quite the step count.  After that it was off to Old town Alexandria to meet up with Sarah’s Sister and Brother-In-Law.  You see, it was Josh’s Birthday and because he loves music, the plan was to go out and hear some live.  The place that was picked….Tiffany Tavern.

When I heard “Tavern” I was all set to see a pub-like atmosphere with some fish and chips and Shepard’s pie. (although, I a a bit spoiled when it comes to Shepard’s Pie) Unfortunately, when we arrived I noticed that it was a lot more “Dineric” and less “Pubish”  The food was ok, and the service was great, that is, until the band started playing.  After that we rarely saw a waitress.  (Maybe they were groupies that were fawning over the band members)  I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t go there, but it was not the greatest place.  I give it a good solid “Meh”

So, how was the band?  The band was actually great!  Fun fact, as a kid I grew up around Bluegrass music so I am no stranger to it, and for the most part, really do enjoy it.  The technique that goes into it is outstanding and it’s one of the forms of music that comes from a very deep rooted story based culture.  Satyr Hill came with 6 band members (although I believe that a few of them were just visiting) and a rocken good time!  You can see pictures from the set here at my Flickr page, and enjoy the slideshow below.

Oh, and the final step count for that day?

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