10th annual MINI’s On the Dragon 2012

I am beat.

Last Wed. I set out for the MOTD event in Deals Gap NC.  It was a good 9 hour drive from Manassas to the Tail of the Dragon.  Since I was going by myself there was no real need to stop aside from emergency bathroom breaks (3 total).  I made great time and arrived at around 2:30pm to the event, which was well underway.  Over 700 MINIs signed up and just blanketed the area.  Driving around with lodge was like I had visited MINItopia, with a MINI in every driveway.

I finally met up with Clint (my buddy from Vegas) after wandering around in a cell dead zone with no internet access either.  It was amazing being so disconnected from everything.  We were relying on the FRS radios I brought with me.  It’s amazing being as internet connected as I usually am to go to nearly black out comms.  I am still slowly getting used to being connected again.

Overall I had a blast!  Lots of great driving, hanging out with incredible people, enjoying the great outdoors!  I had a bunch of stuff done to the POD including, Pulley wheel reduction for the supercharger (I hear that’s a rite of passage at the dragon), new brake handle, stubby antenna, chrome bonnet scoop, and a LightInSight.

I even got to practice some photography tricks.  Check out my gallery for all the pics I took.  I am really looking forward to attending next year!

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