A month of travel.

So i finished up a full month (maybe a tad over) of traveling for work.  Not just the typical “Go there, be gone for a month, come back”  Nope, I would fly out for a week, fly back for the weekend.  Destination: Sierra Vista AZ.  It was hard on the body but at least I got to spend my weekends with Sarah.



Here are a few things that happened while I was gone.  (Both good and bad)

Just because I wanted another fun travel pic.

That should bring us all current with what’s going on.  Now we approach the new year and it looks like there will be much in the way of travel for the year 2013.  This time there is a good chance that Sarah and I will both be doing the traveling together.  More on that as it develops.  With any luck, you will see lots of posts about Photography and Gaming from overseas.  Will be interesting to see what the culture is like in other places.  (like we did in London!)



Speaking of gaming, Sarah and I wrapped up Borderlands 2 (although she is still playing to get all of the extra stuff), I picked up and finished Halo 4 (still working on Spartan Ops), and I am playing The Walking Dead from Telltale games on my iPad.  I still get out to play some Ingres, but I hit the level cap and am having a hard time finding more to do it.  I hope that will pick up soon.

Sorry things are not more upbeat.  I was hoping to have more to write about but the end of the year is just….well, the end of the year.

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