Creativity Vs. The Blahs….Ready, Fight!

HalfsiesSo I think the biggest difficulty I am having with this whole “Not having a job” thing (aside from the “finding a job” thing) is what to do with my spare time.  You see, I have a lot of it now.

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 My left brain is all “Man, I have so many things lined up for us!” where my right brain is more like “Things suck, you suck, this situation sucks!”  The downside to this is that it would seem that lately, the right side is winning.  This doesn’t stop ol’ lefty from giving it the good college try.

Everything from story ideas to crafting projects to outdoor projects have been flowing through the noggin, but then they hit that right side firewall and somehow aren’t making it through the filter.  Instead, right side is cracking the whip with “Search for more jobs, provide..PROVIDE…PROOOOVVVIIIDDDEEEE!!

I try and explain to herr rightenheimer that things are going ok.  We have 5 possible leads as well as a billion and a half resumes out in the wild.  We have enough in savings to take care of things for a long while, we can afford to take this time off and pick the right job in the right place.

Unfortunately, he’s not listening.  So I sot down to write and I make a blog post about arguing with myself instead.  (That counts, right?)

Anyone want to come over and punch the right side of my head?

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