The joys of Unemployment

Chillin (P365-224)The emotional roller coaster that is Job Hunting is still ongoing.  Some weeks are great with lots of phone calls and emails back and forth.  Then there are the weeks where everything is in motion and all I can do is wait.  Various interviews, both in person and on the phone, where I get to be the subject of “Stump the dummy”.

It’s kind of exhausting.

The best part about it is the comedy that it generates.  I have gotten pings from jobs that are nowhere near what I have listed on my resume.  Things like Insurance salesman, car salesman, iOS Developer, and then there is this guy:

“Your resume was selected because it includes words or phrases that indicate these qualifications.  In order to continue expanding the sales force, I am conducting preliminary interview meetings for top-level candidates to fill these business-to-business sales positions”

When I asked him what the job description was:

“Thanks for sending me your information (Which I didn’t). I’d love to work out a time for us to meet and go over our position. I cover and hire for all of Northern Virginia, but my office is in Fredericksburg, which is where I conduct interviews only.”

Again, I asked him for a job description and how it fits my resume (which he claimed he had).

“The person I am hiring will be responsible for making personal visits to owners of companies in order to continue or improve upon their existing benefits. This is not a door to door sales position.  I will be happy to explain further and answer any of your questions in person if you choose to meet with me.”

After pressing the 3rd time for an actual job description, I haven’t heard from him since.  I was seriously very o_O afterwards.  Good chance I would have probably gotten raped down in Fredericksburg.

So the search continues.  If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some of my various “Cover letter” jokes.  These will continue until I find a job!  (And they may get worse so you should pray that I find a job soon!)  The plus side to all of this is that I was thinking of rolling the whole experience into a routine and trying out one of the open mic nights.

In the meantime, I am taking things slow.  Reviewing the jobs I am applying for and making the most of the time off.

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