Project 365 status: Complete!

Reflections (P365-31)What a year!  As you have probably read in my New Years post, this year has been quite the roller coaster.  So many ups and downs that I probably would not have even remembered them all if I hadn’t been doing this project.  On of Dec 31st 2013, I took my last Project 365 picture.  It was one that we had planned, probably from the beginning of the project.  My buddy Louis and I both started P365 on Jan 01 2013 and have had lots of conversations through the year about “What should I take a picture of?” and “I am out of ideas!!” also “Why did we agree to this!!”.  In the end I am glad we stuck with it though.  I look back on some of my earlier shots and can actually see a lot of progression in technique and style. (Quick Edit: Louis wrote up his post about P365 over on his site: )

There are a number of types of shots that I don’t know that I would have done had I not been forcing myself to take something every day.  By the end I really started to see myself shooting in 4 different categories:

  • Life event – Something significant happened that day and I wanted to document it.  Usually this was something like a concert, or event we went to see, but occasionally was something like “we went to see a movie”.
  • Outdoor Artistic - This was when I wanted to capture something outside in good lighting, and usually had to travel to get, or at least spend some time getting the right shot.
  • Indoor Artistic – If weather was a limiting factor, or I just couldn’t get out, I typically went for a new style or technique. These shots often involved a lot of set up and there is a certain style to them.
  • Lazy – Let’s face it, getting a shot every day is tiring.  Some days there just isn’t much to shoot and life has beat you up.  So I would just grab the camera and take a picture of something/anything.

We had some pretty lenient rules set in place before we started:

  • Using the DSLR was primary, but falling back on a Cell phone was ok (Sometimes you just don’t have your good camera on you)
  • Midnight was not the cut off, before you went to bed was.  (When we started, Louis was working a late shift and would often be up till 2-3am)
  • Try and do something different each day

One of the big issues I had in the project was the time change when I was going to and from Kuwait earlier in the year.  There was actually a huge scare involving day 35.  You see, I apparently suck at numbering.  I was constantly getting my day number mixed up (until I found this website to help me with it) so I would usually use the picture from the day before as a reference.  Well, with dateline crossing and time shifts, also being up after midnight, my numbers were always getting messed up.

Emergency Breakfast! (P365-35)Some time in August, I went into the Flickr set and did a manual count, only to find that my pictures were off by 1 day.  Not just the numbering, but the actual total count was missing one.  I was crushed.  I traced the issue all the way back to Feb 5th.  This was the day I traveled back to the states from Kuwait and apparently lost almost an entire day in the process.  I freaked out and started looking everywhere for any pictures I may have taken.  Thankfully I found that I had taken a picture of my breakfast that Sarah made me.  The time frame matches up and I was saved.

After that I was much more diligent about numbering.

So now that I am done, I am planning on taking a small break from carrying my camera around everywhere I go. (Even though Sarah bought me an amazing new camera backpack). Now it’s on to projects that I can focus the theme.

Some advice to anyone willing to try P365?  Do it, but go out and explore!  Work on something new each day, be it a location, a technique, a style, etc..  Explore Flickr and find some types of shots that you want to try and then do them.  Most importantly….. document your life with it.  Lots of stuff happens around you, grab a picture of it, but don’t forget to experience it too.  When you have the picture, put the camera down and enjoy the show with your own eyes too.

Enjoy the pictures!


DONE! (#P365-365) #Photography

DONE! (P365-365) by wizzer2801
DONE! (P365-365), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The last photo for Project 365. It’s been quite a run. I’ll have a blog post up about the whole project soon.

New Years Resolution

Sarah and the Sunset - (P365-43)This past year was not a great year. I kept thinking through the year that “man I wish this year was done” and “ 2013 was incredibly shitty”. That being said, when I look back on it, and especially in comparison to some other folks I know, it was not as bad as I originally thought.

So instead of focusing on all the crap that went wrong in the year, I decided to focus on the positive and highlight some cool things that happened this year. With the help of my Project 365, I can actually look into the way-back glass and see where I was at what time and what happened. NONE of this could have happened without the wonderful people in my life.  Friends, Family, and this amazing woman I know who somehow, despite all my misfortune, still manages to want to be around me! (most of the time).

So yeah….when you look back on it without the doom and despair eyes, 2013 wasn’t all that bad!  Yes, Bad things happen all through the year, it happened to us, and it happened to lots of friends we know.  But we need to not look at just the bad!  I would encourage all of my friends and family to look back on the year and not focus on the the bad that happened, but look for the good.

JCCC3 Day 1 Random PicturesOh, and my New Years Resolution?  Well, I thought about this one quite a bit.  I used to always see other people, be it celebrities, or artists, or even just folks that people I know know, and think “Man, it would be awesome to be friends with that person, I bet we would have a lot in common.”  Well, the problem with that is that I am not currently friends with them, and really there is no incentive for that person to be friends with me.

So I resolve to not try and be friends with people I don’t know, but to be a person that the people I don’t know want to be friends with.  I think I would much rather focus on someone that other people look at and think “Man, it would be awesome to be friends with that person, I bet we would have a lot in common.”

Happy new year everyone!  Lets be friends in 2014

The Prodigal Son (#P365-364) #Photography

The Prodigal Son (P365-364) by wizzer2801
The Prodigal Son (P365-364), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Andrew came home for the holiday, so I thought it fitting that he be included in the next to last photo for this project. Countdown continues as this is the 2nd to last!

Guapos (#P365-363) #Photography

Guapos (P365-363) by wizzer2801
Guapos (P365-363), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Was planning on visiting the festival of lights in Manassas tonight to get my picture for today but for some reason they closed. Went for dinner instead. 2 shots left!

U-Pick VG (#P365-362) #Photography

U-Pick VG (P365-362) by wizzer2801
U-Pick VG (P365-362), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I was invited out to take some pictures for the U-Pick Video game charity drive. Still managed to work in the day number count down! This was day 4, only 3 more to go!

Paparazzi (#P365-361) Photography

Paparazzi (P365-361) by wizzer2801
Paparazzi (P365-361), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
One of our friends from LA was in town visiting family and we got the chance to catch up this evening. This also marks the last 5 photos of the project and so I am going to try and incorporate the count down number in the next few photos. This was 5.

Half Off (#P365-360) #Photography

Half Off (P365-360) by wizzer2801
Half Off (P365-360), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It’s that after Christmas time!

Carols (#P365-359) #photography

Carols (P365-359) by wizzer2801
Carols (P365-359), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Lovely Christmas music brought to us by Josh and his Dad.

The Tree (#P365-358) #Photography

The Tree (P365-358) by wizzer2801
The Tree (P365-358), a photo by wizzer2801 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
We visited downtown DC today to see the National tree.

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