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Resisting the urge to hibernate


It’s Fall!  As we inch closer to winter I am feeling that bearish urge to close myself indoors and be super lazy while I eat all the things and put on my winter weight.



I am looking for the motivation to get out and take pictures.  Fall is one of the best times of the year to take photos.  The colors are amazing, especially around this area.  There are a few upcoming events that should prove fruitful.

The Passport MINI Halloween contest!  For the past few years the dealership out in Alexandria has hosted a “Dress up your MINI” contest.  This year the POD will be going as……..Yeah, I’ll post pictures after, don’t want to spoil it.  Should be fun though!  After that it’s off to Fredericksburg for the annual Halloween party!

In the meantime, on the gadget front. I gots me a new phone!  The old Thunderbolt was starting to get very old.  Early on I had flashed the ROM and the Radio on it so it could be updated and it would appear all of the updates for it have stopped.  No one seems to be supporting it any more.  It’s sad because for a while it really was a great phone.  The major downside to it was the battery.  I had even bought the extended battery for it, and that might get me through a full day.

With that I upgraded to the brand new Razr MAXX HD.  Sarah has been using the original MAXX and it’s amazing!  The battery can last 2-3 days with average use.  The new HD version did not disappoint.  I have been using it for about 4 days now and I need to remind myself that I don’t have to plug it in.  Ok, I am going to stop here because I may try and do a full review of the phone later this week.

In the meantime, here are some apples. (hopefully Apple won’t sue me)

Harvest Time!

This weekend we got to visit our favorite place to pick out pumpkins, Hollin Farms in Delaplane VA.  It’s not the shortest drive for gourd gathering but the trip out there is beautiful with all the trees changing color, and the chance to visit a farm and pull pumpkins right off the vine is something everyone should do.  They have a full corn maze, and lots of stuff for little ones as well as a pick your own section to gather fresh vegetables and herbs.  The main reason to go is for the pumpkins.  With 10 acres of pumpkin vines, even the huge influx of people at the farm couldn’t gather up all the awesome pumpkins that were available.  We took home 6 pumpkins (5 to carve and 1 for pie.)
The other great reason to head up there is for the view.  The scenery is amazing.  The trees in the area are all changing, the weather was perfect, and I was able to get a few really good shots.
I did discover a new area I need to work on though, Landscape shots.  I know that a lot of Landscape shots are better taken in the golden hour simply because of the haze, but I found that anything I was shooting in a distance to get a wide area just didn’t come off that great.  Well, there is always room for improvement right?

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