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I’m just gonna leave this right here for you


Yes, I used to be one of those kids in school.  I was faced with the mortifying trips to gym class, and could relate with almost all of the situations presented in the video.

Now? I get compliments on my geek collections, costumes, and games.  I have a great job, incredible wife, and wonderful friends.  So I think this song speaks volumes.

(especially loved the ending)

P.S. Please subscribe to Felicia Day’s channel Geek and Sundry!  It’s what TV should be like!

3 Years

My life is pretty wacky.  I am a pretty huge geek on a number of levels.  At 37 I still love to play video games, I love comic books (Batman > Superman), I own and have worn many different costumes from Superhero Spandex to StormTrooper Armor.  I sometimes collect various toys and still love to play with Legos.  I can discuss the inner workings of the Star Trek Holodeck and have seen the entire run’s of shows from Firefly to Doctor Who.

Just 10-15 years ago I would have been considered an Outcast to society, (some may still think that) but, I love who I am, and I love what I do.  I have many friends that think/act/enjoy like I do and those are my family.  Some people may look at me and think the typically “Bro” thing of “How do you ever date?”

Well, here is the secret.  Almost 5 years ago I met someone perfect.  She worked at a comic book store and we had so many of the same interests.  She loved to play her Super Nintendo on a tiny CRT screen and would stay up late nights playing Fallout 2.  She had assembled a Teen Titans Raven costume to wear and has a Batman tattoo.  It was a match made in Gotham.

3 years ago today we escaped out to Las Vegas to get hitched.  Family and friends were still there and it wasn’t weird.  I wore a suit, she wore a dress (which for us was still like wearing a costume).  Ever since that time, I am constantly amazed that we managed to find each other and still wonder/fear that this amazing dream will end.

I hope it never does.

Happy Anniversary Sarah!

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