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For the past few weeks I have been helping a friend work on his website.  He was using an old Blogger site to post some incredible works and I knew that WordPress would help him get some better exposure and have a better design.  So, having done some work on mine, and Sarah’s site, I thought I would lend a hand.  So now I present to you, RetroNick.com!  It’s a retro style gaming site where Nick talks about his collection of classic games and even some discussion on current games.

You may notice that in honor of the site relaunch, there is an inaugural podcast along with it!  That’s right, the gang here decided to start up a podcast!  The podcast is going to be mainly game oriented (with various antics, of course) but a lot of comparing new to old and how the industry is.

Well, we hope, that is.

Odds are it’s just going to be a bunch of guys drinking and talking about games.  Only recorded.  So check out RetroNick’s new site and maybe give the Podcast a listen!

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