Personally I think an about page on a blog is kind of silly. I mean, you come to the blog to read the posts and through them learn about me, but hey, why not.

So my name is Steve and I am an addict. An addict of all things tech. I am an avid lover of video games, movies, gadgets, tech, you name it. I am also burdened with an overwhelming sense of opinion. It would seem that I have an opinion on everything. So what better place to voice this than in a review blog! But I digress you probably want to know a little about me though, (isn’t that what the about me section is for?). So here goes.

I am currently a good solid 30 something and living in Manassas VA. I am married with one son. He is at that lovely stage of “teenager” so I get to see the world though the eyes of an insanely paranoid parent while being jealous of how he gets to grow up with all t cool toys! I married a woman who is just as geeky as I am. (We met in a Comic Book Store so that should tell you something.) I have spent my whole life gathering knowledge about every piece of tech I can. I read any tech blog I can get my eyes on, (my RSS feeds fill my brain with a few gigs of info every day!). I game on my PC, the Wii, the PS3, and my beloved Xbox (no bias there right?). I love playing with new stuff especially. Even when my fiends get new stuff I am all over it. (Yes, I will push those buttons in your new car!) I will tear through every setting and preference of whatever I get and can probably teach someone how to use it in a matter of hours. So you know, when I do a review of something, I went pretty in-depth.

For work, I am a Systems Engineer specializing in Windows for a major company here. (Omitted on purpose.) I have a Bachelors degree in IT from AIU. I have worked on Mac, Linux, and Windows. (I have seen a UNIX box or two). I work in an amazing office filled with some of the smartest people on the planet, and no, that’s not an embellishment.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoy the place!

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